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How to maintain the Sports shoes
How to maintain the Sports shoes

1. If the shoes are dirty, you can use the brush to dip in the cleaning liquid. Don't use too much force when brushing.

2. The soaking time shall not be longer than 20 minutes. Leather shoes and travel shoes cannot be soaked in water, and then they can be cleaned with clean water. When air is basked in, do not put directly in the sun to insolate, and should be the shoe is pulled against the sole of the shoe head to rest against the wall in ventilated and cool place to air dry naturally, can avoid water to immerse into the foaming material layer of the shoe so. Direct sunlight or drying with a hair dryer can reduce the life of your shoes.

3. For shoes that are not worn for a long time after washing, they should be thoroughly cleaned and stored in a ventilated and cool place to avoid moldy shoes. The inner shoe is held up with a shoe or paper wad to prevent deformation.

4. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who need to train or go out frequently should prepare more than two pairs of sneakers for replacement. Do not wear running shoes or walking shoes to play basketball, football and other violent sports. The artificial tanned and nylon mesh fabric on the shoes is easier to maintain and can be washed by hand without soaking or using a washing machine. Remove the LACES from your shoes and wash them in soapy water, as well as the insoles.