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How to maintain leather shoes
How to maintain leather shoes

1. Keep it dry and avoid wearing it in rain or snow. If met rain, snow water, should immediately wipe with dry cloth dry, and wipe on shoe polish, put on dry and cool place shade dry.

Polish regularly. When polishing, a drop or two of vinegar can be added in the shoe polish to make the leather shoes bright and lasting. After oil, stop for about 5 minutes, then polish with a brush. If besmear again milk, can make leather shoes more durable.

3. The leather shoes should not be exposed to the sun, roasted over the fire, to prevent brittle, dry or shrink.

4. Don't wear leather shoes for a long time in case the leather surface ages. If leather has become hard, can besmear some chicken oil, butter come moist.

5. Don't step on the back side when taking off your shoes to avoid collapse and deformation. The dark color inside because be affected with damp or attrition produces drop color, belong to normal phenomenon, can change to wear dark socks at this time. After wearing the shoes for a period of time, please check the add layer on the ground of the heel.

6. Treatment method of shoe mildew spot: mildew spot can be formed due to improper storage of leather shoes or improper post-treatment on rainy days, which affects aesthetic appearance. At this time, a small amount of alcohol can be dipped into a soft cloth with clean and strong water absorption, and then a layer of shoe polish can be made.

7. Storage without shoes. The leather shoes that does not wear to change season should clean the dust of leather shoes surface above all, put in shady and cool ventilated place to dry moisture, prevent mildew change; The leather shoes that dry first brush on a layer of animal grease, wipe repeatedly, then hit a layer of shoe polish, prevent leather shoes from losing oil and become hard, break. Finally fill the filler, shoe support and so on into the shoe to prevent leather shoes from changing.